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About Crowfoot Driving School in Calgary, AB

At Crowfoot Driving School in NW/Noth West Calgary, all that matters is that our students become exceptional, safe drivers and enjoy driving to the fullest. Our aim is to make sure we have knowledgeable, cautious, and reliable drivers on our roads so accident rates are decreased. We want Calgary to be a better, safer, and enjoyable place for all drivers. Our certified, experienced, and acclaimed driving instructors will transform you into a safe driver very soon.

Meet the Staff


Jerry Rourke

Certified Driving Instructor





Yohannes Ashebo

Certified Driving Instructor
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Yohannes is an intelligent, skilled and fully qualified Alberta government certified driving instructor. He is a multi-talented person who by profession is VOIP technologist and develops mobile apps as a part-time job. He has contributed a lot to the development of our driving school and developed a text free driving app for us.

Yohannes started his career as a private instructor in Toronto in 2004. He has worked immensely hard on the development of his skills and technique. Yohannes is very passionate about driving and teaching this skillful art from scratch. Even if you do not have any previous experience or knowledge about driving a vehicle, he can make you an expert within a very short duration.