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Q & A

Q.  If I am registering myself, do I

need to enter my parents details?

A.  No. When registering, you can enter your information (name,

phone number, etc.) in the Parent (Guardian) section.


Q.  After registering, can I book my

on-road training?

A.  Absolutely, though you will need to make sure that you have

paid in full before booking any sessions.


Q.  I have completed registration,

and received my confirmation

Email, but I can't book my on road

Training. Why is this?

A.  The most likely reason is that your payment hasn't gone

through. You can log into your account to check your balance. If

you owe a balance, you are able to complete payment using

your credit/debit card.


Q.  I have registered, and am

attempting to pay online, but it

isn't going through. What should I


A.  If this situation happens, you can call our customer services at

403-910-0622 to process payment over the phone. Don't worry,

this happens to some card providers, and we can process

payment manually.


Q.  On the registration page, there is

a space to enter a middle initial,

however I don't have one. What

do I put?

A.  This is not a mandatory field, so you can leave this field blank.


Q.  After registering, how long can I

stay a member before starting

the course?

A.  If you register for the full package, you will have to show up to

the classroom session on the day you have registered (it will be

an option you select in the registration process). If you would

like to schedule your on-road training for later, this is up to you.

However, we do advise to start within a month of taking the

classroom session.


Q.  On the registration page, I see

that the school I am attending is

not listed. Can I still register?

A.  Yes. Please be aware that the pick-up and drop-off location will

need to be in NW Calgary. This means we only provide

guaranteed pick-up and drop-off services from the Northwest side of



Q.  On your website, I see you offer a

promotion. I would like to

register at this price, but I cannot

start right away. Can I register

before the promotion ends?

A.  Yes. You can register and start at any time you wish, though

please make sure that you complete your purchase before the

promotion ends.


Q.  I registered when the price you

show on your website was

cheaper, though I didn't complete

purchase. Which price do I pay?

A.  The price displayed on the website is always the current price

you pay. If you have not completed purchase, then you will pay

the price displayed online now.


Q.  I live out of the city limit, will your

instructor still pick me up and

drop me off?

A.  We can not guarantee pick-up and drop-off outside of town,

though we do have a specific location where students and

instructors can meet. Please contact us (403) 910-0622 regarding your preferred

pickup and dropoff location.


Q.  How do I change my drop-off or

pick-up location?

A.  You can do this directly from your account. Please allow more

than 12 hours before the start of your training. If you are not

able to make this deadline, please call the driving school to

update your preference manually.


Q.  After being picked up from home,

I would like to be dropped off

elsewhere. Can I do that?

A.  Our instructors can only drop you off at the address you have

provided to us. If you are under 18, instructors will not drop you

off anywhere else. If you insist, they are obligated to call your

parent or guardian for permission. Only then will you be

dropped off elsewhere (in the Northwest Side of Calgary).


Q.  I have another question which

isn't listed here. Can I contact you


A.  Yes - please give us a call at 403-910-0622


Q.  How do I make payment?

A.  You can do this directly through our website.


Q.  How secure is your website?

A.  Our payment gateway is encrypted with the latest standard of

SSL certification.


Q.  Do you have a 'Payment Plan'


A.  Currently we do not provide a payment plan.


Q.  Can I pay by cash or cheque?

A.  If you would prefer to pay in any offline payment method, you

may do this by visiting our office and bringing payment.


Q.  Which is the best package for my

son or daughter?

A.  We highly recommend picking the full package, as this includes

in-class/online course and on-road safety which comes complete with



Q.  What is the importance of


A.  The certificate earned as part of this course can be shown to

your insurance company, and usually save a significant amount per year

on insurance premiums.


Q.  My child has been learning with

me for the last year, and I feel

they are a good driver. Do I still

need to register for the full


A.  If you wish to receive the certificate, then you will need to book

the full package. It is a requirement that all new drivers need to

be trained by Alberta Transportation certified instructors to

receive their certificate.


Q.  Can I register my child for only a

few hours?

A.  Yes, although this isn't eligible for the certificate.


Q.  I would like to register for the

online package. How is this

different from the full package?

A.  Our online classroom is designed for students who don't have

time to visit the traditional classroom sessions. Unlike physical

classroom training, you are given a lot of time (30 - 90 days) to

complete. You can study from home, or anywhere with an

internet connection. DO NOT USE TABLETS OR PHONE.


Q.  Do I need to pass any exams in

order to receive certification?

A.  Yes. There is a classroom exam and an on-road evaluation

needed to receive your certificate.

Pass rates for the classroom exam are 80% and higher. Pass

rates for on-road evaluation is 75% and higher.


Q.  How do the exams work?

A.  Classroom exams are conducted after 15 hours of study. The

exam will be multiple choice, consisting of 30 questions.

On-road evaluations will be conducted by your instructor

throughout your training. At the beginning of each lesson, your

performance will be evaluated, and graded against exam

criteria. Your instructor will advise when the best time to take

your exam will be. If you require more training, you may book

with the driving school before booking your road test.


Q.  Do I book my road test through


A.  No. You will need to go to the nearest Alberta registry agent.

The road test will be conducted by Alberta Registries with

licensed examiners.


Q.  Can I use one of your vehicles for

the road test?

A.  Yes. If you would like to use one of our vehicles, please

book online, or call us directly. AGAIN OUR NUMBER IS 403-910-0622.


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